Popular hiking routes


Walking time: 1.5 -2 hrs

Use the car or the bus to the Schlegeisspeicher to start your hiking tour from there. The path is even and makes for a nice walk.


Walking time: 2 hrs

The easiest way is to take the bus to the Zillergrund dam. The Zillergrund caters to the likings of every hiker. Families should choose the Klein (little) Tibet tour. The tour will be a particularly memorable experience for the little ones. Those on tour with a children’s buggy or a toddler are advised to take the nice way from the restaurant Au leading Sundergrund. Expert hikers are advised to hike to the Plauener Hütte, a trip that takes 2hrs one way.

Gehzeit 7-8 Stunden              

Brandberger Kolm:            

Walking time: 7-8 hrs

The Brandberger Kolm trail offers a beautiful hike past the lodge Kolmhaus leading to the summit of Brandberger Kolm, some 2700 m above mean sea level. From its peak you will enjoy a memorable panoramic view of the Zillertaler and Tuxer Alps.


Walking time from the Ahorn mountain: 2 hrs – downhill

You can start your hiking round with a comfortable ascent via the cable-bus or on foot. The hiking tour to the Filzenkopf is much shorter and only takes 45 minutes. If your desire is to visit a lodge and enjoy the Austrian Alpine cuisine the Edelhütte would be our prime choice. Walking time: one hour.


Walking time from Tristenbachalm around 3 hrs    

Walking time from Ginzling around 4 hrs

Use the car or bus to Ginzling. There you can start the hiking tour. For motivated and expert hikers the “neighboring” lodge Berlinerhütte via the Mörchnerscharte is your prime choice. Walking time around 6 hrs. Then there are hikes to the Kasselerhütte and Grüne Wand Hütte across the Lapenscharte. Walking time 3-5 hrs. Another tour would be to the Schwarzensteinerhütte crossing the Tristenbachsattel. Walking time 3.5 hrs.